Have you ever wished you could just eat coffee for breakfast?

I mean, wouldn’t that make everything so much easier? You’d get that caffeine boost and satisfy your hunger at the same time!

In this recipe, we’re going to do just that by bringing together two classic breakfast elements – oatmeal and espresso – into a single, portable meal that will rock your world. This Oatmeal Latte recipe is the perfect solution to all of your early morning needs!

Good news: this recipe makes enough for two! It’s time to revolutionize your breakfast (and a friend’s!) into something truly delectable.

This recipe will take a good twenty minutes to prepare, however, so make sure you have everything ready to go so nothing cools down as you move from step to step. You’ll want this one hot!

Steaming and Frothing Milk

Steaming the milk is an excellent way to create a smooth, silky texture, but is not easily done at home unless you have an espresso machine with a wand.

Frothing the milk, on the other hand, can be done by heating the milk in a saucepan while whisking it or using a frother… or you can even use a French press (see video below)!

The milk in an espresso-based drink is an essential part of the process. It’s not like you just whip out the gallon and dump some milk in there. It needs to be handled properly.

So, whether you’re steaming or frothing, make sure you take the time to give the milk that ideal texture and quality. It can really make or break the drink!

The Benefits of Oatmeal

While this drink is just plain delicious, there’s another factor at play here as well: the health factor.

Besides the fact that they’re an excellent source of nutrition and therefore a great way to start your day, oats have also been shown to help with cholesterol levels, asthma, and weight loss. You can read more about the benefits of oats here.

Now, we’re not trying to spin this recipe as some kind of health super drink or anything. It’s clearly designed more for the “yum” factor than for anything else.

But it’s worth pointing out that when you add oatmeal to your coffee, you are adding something that will substantially help you get through the day.

Time to enjoy breakfast in a whole new way

There you have it, one of the most incredible innovations that breakfast has seen since buttered toast!

Let’s go over the main draws of oatmeal coffee one more time:

  • It’s convenient (pop it in a to-go cup with a lid and you’re ready to hit the road!)
  • It’s filling
  • It has caffeine (an automatic win)
  • It’s delicious

The only question left is: are you going to eat it or drink it? Leave a comment and let us know which one you chose!


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